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10 Heavenly Top Rated Best Resorts Montana 2024

Montana, a beautiful state, comes from the Spanish word “montaña,” which means mountain. It proudly embraces endearing nicknames such as “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State.” The state’s charm shines through its delightful slogans like “Land of the Shining Mountains” and the more recent “The Last Best Place.”

It boasts an impressive status as the 4th largest state in terms of area, making it a land of vast opportunities and natural wonders. Montana’s charm is further enhanced by its ranking as the 8th least populous and 3rd least densely populated state. This unique aspect adds to its undeniable appeal, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and vast open spaces.

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The western part of Montana is filled with stunning mountain ranges that capture the imagination and offer a haven for nature lovers. There are also smaller island ranges, creating a diverse and picturesque landscape. With 77 named ranges in the Rocky Mountains, Montana is a treasure trove of majestic scenery waiting to be explored.

Montana’s strong economy is based on agriculture, focusing on ranching and cereal grain farming. Besides farming, the state boasts a variety of important economic activities. Industries like oil, gas, coal, and hard rock mining contribute to meeting the nation’s energy needs, showcasing Montana’s resourcefulness. Tourism is also booming, making it the fastest-growing sector, attracting visitors from all over.

Top 10 Best Montana Resorts for a Charming Retreat

10. The Lodge at Whitefish Lake Experience 

Something extraordinary with a Float Plane Tour over the Hungry Horse Reservoir near Glacier National Park in Montana, a unique offering by the enchanting Lodge at Whitefish Lake. There might need to be more than a week to fully savor the abundance of adventures available, from skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort to rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, and thrilling whitewater rafting, among much more!

Lodge at Whitefish Lake Experience
Lodge at Whitefish Lake Experience

Nestled amid awe-inspiring mountains and the crystal-clear waters of Whitefish Lake, this paradise is just minutes away from downtown Whitefish and a mere 30-minute drive from the picturesque Glacier National Park. The resort ensures your entertainment with live music on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, offering a variety of dining experiences at eight diners, a coffee shop, and five different dining venues.

Regarding accommodation, wake up to breathtaking views, whether of the serene lake, the Viking Creek Wetland Preserve, a private beach, or the main lodge itself. And after an eventful day, the resort welcomes you to its full-service spa, where relaxation and rejuvenation await your arrival.

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9. Triple Creek Ranch

Are you dreaming of a second home where you and your loved one can enjoy romantic bliss? Look no further than Triple Creek Ranch, a haven exclusively for grown-ups. Nestled in the Bitterroot Mountains of Western Montana, near the quaint town of Darby, this enchanting retreat offers the best Western hospitality and activities tailored for adults seeking a quality, intimate experience.

Triple Creek Ranch
Triple Creek Ranch

Here, you’ll find no obligations other than to enjoy yourselves thoroughly. The ranch provides an array of delightful pursuits, from horseback riding and hiking to snowshoeing, fly-casting clinics, a fitness center, and a tennis court.

Triple Creek Ranch stands out with its remarkable exclusivity, offering only 12 distinct and private log cabins. This exceptional feature sets the ranch apart, providing guests with an intimate and luxurious experience.

Each luxurious house is adorned with unique, essential oil diffusers, enveloping you in a soothing and romantic wilderness scent throughout your dreamy holiday.

Relax with a round of golf or unwind in a hammock amid towering pines, savoring the tranquil atmosphere. As the day winds down, gather with new and old friends to savor their contemporary gourmet cuisine.

It is the perfect place for couples to create lasting memories together, making it an exceptional destination for your romantic getaway.

8. The Resort at Paws Up

If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind resort experience, The Resort at Paws Up is an unforgettable destination. Nestled amidst the exotic wilderness of Montana, this heavenly retreat is just a short 35-minute drive from Missoula.

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, The Resort At Paws Up is the perfect haven for families, honeymooners, or couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Resort at Paws Up
The Resort at Paws Up

This resort spans 37,000 acres and provides opulent holiday houses and glamping—the elegant camping experience—that will wow you.

The resort is a self-contained community featuring two gourmet restaurants, a lavish spa, and a wide array of activities such as horseback riding, Go-Karts, Archery, and a Fitness Trail, among many others.

Whether you prefer zipping around on a personal watercraft or indulging in rejuvenating spa treatments, your time at this resort will be etched in your memory for years.

7. Ranch at Rock Creek

At the heart of your holiday lies the Granite Lodge, a genuine 100-year-old homestead exuding Western charm with its vintage furnishings, photographs, and antiques. Here, you’ll indulge in world-class cuisine and signature spa treatments, immersing yourself in the Western experience.

The Resort at Paws Up
The Resort at Paws Up

With the assistance of their Ranch Ambassadors, you can plan your daily activities, be it a romantic escapade, equestrian adventure, or fly fishing expedition.

As evening descends, venture to The Silver Dollar Saloon for a delightful dose of old-fashioned entertainment. Engage in billiards, darts, and bowling, or enjoy a private movie theater. The luxury cowboy saloon caters to the entire family, creating cherished memories in the vast expanse of a 6,600-acre ranch amidst Montana’s awe-inspiring landscape.

The ranch offers expansive villas with beautifully designed bathrooms, deep soaking tubs, and grand brass beds, ensuring comfort. Additionally, you can request glamorous camping tents thoughtfully warmed by large potbelly stoves.

The Ranch at Rock Creek proudly holds the prestigious distinction of being the world’s only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star ranch. The farm provides an intimate and exclusive setting with just 29 accommodations for a maximum of 125 guests.

Families are warmly welcomed, with the Little Grizzlies Club catering to the needs of your kids. Come and experience the allure of this extraordinary retreat!

6. Yellowstone Club Best resorts Montana

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the Yellowstone Club offers an exclusive retreat for discerning individuals seeking the ultimate in luxury living with good Food. This private ski and golf community sets a new standard for exclusivity, providing its esteemed members with world-class amenities and impeccable services.

Yellowstone Club
Yellowstone Club

For avid golf enthusiasts, the Yellowstone Club boasts a private golf course that rivals the most prestigious links in the world. Surrounded by majestic mountain vistas, the system offers an unforgettable golfing experience, where every swing is accompanied by awe-inspiring panoramas.

Meanwhile, winter sports enthusiasts can indulge in the thrill of skiing down powdery slopes that cater to all skill levels, ensuring that every family member can revel in the magic of the mountains.

Beyond the exceptional outdoor activities, the Yellowstone Club embraces a lavish lifestyle within its confines. From elegant and opulent residences to exclusive dining experiences prepared by talented chefs, every aspect of this private community exudes sophistication and refinement.

Whether one seeks relaxation at the spa or yearns for adventure on the slopes, the Yellowstone Club provides an idyllic haven where every desire is fulfilled in the lap of luxury.

5. Big EZ Lodge

The Big EZ Lodge, nestled in the picturesque vicinity of Glacier National Park, beckons guests with its inviting charm and a heartwarming, family-oriented ambiance. As you step into this cozy retreat, you’ll instantly feel embraced by the genuine hospitality that exudes a sense of belonging, making you feel like a cherished part of their extended family.

Big EZ Lodge
Big EZ Lodge

The lodge’s friendly staff and warm atmosphere create an environment where lasting memories are woven. For nature enthusiasts, the Big EZ Lodge is a true paradise. Embark on guided hiking tours that lead you through stunning landscapes, immersing you in the untamed beauty of the surrounding wilderness.

On wildlife tours, get up close and personal with the local fauna, witnessing the grace and majesty of the region’s diverse wildlife. The lodge offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature, where each adventure is infused with a profound appreciation for the great outdoors.

After a day of exploration and discovery, return to the lodge’s welcoming embrace, where hearty meals and delightful conversations await. The Big EZ Lodge provides an authentic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offering a cherished retreat where nature’s wonders and the warmth of human connection converge to create an unforgettable experience.

4. The Sage Lodge

Nestled along the banks of the mesmerizing Yellowstone River, The Sage Lodge presents a tranquil and rejuvenating retreat, perfect for those seeking solace amidst the splendor of nature.

Surrounded by the majestic landscapes of Montana, this resort offers an oasis of calm, where the soothing sounds of the flowing river and the panoramic views create a sense of serenity that envelops you from the moment you arrive.

The Sage Lodge
The Sage Lodge

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience by sinking into the hot tubs thoughtfully positioned to overlook the gentle currents of the Yellowstone River. As you soak in the warmth and beauty of your surroundings, any worries or stress will melt away.

The Sage Lodge’s serene ambiance sets the stage for rejuvenation, and its array of spa services ensures a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From therapeutic massages to invigorating facials, skilled therapists are dedicated to leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the tranquility of the natural world surrounding you.

Whether you seek adventure or serenity, The Sage Lodge offers the perfect haven to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with nature’s bounty.

3. The Firebrand Hotel

Nestled in the heart of vibrant downtown Whitefish, The Firebrand Hotel promises a chic and contemporary experience that perfectly complements the town’s lively atmosphere. Step outside the hotel’s doors and immerse yourself in the local culture, where charming shops and enticing restaurants beckon.

The hotel’s central location allows you to effortlessly explore the town’s unique offerings, from art galleries to boutiques, creating a delightful fusion of leisure and cultural exploration.

The Firebrand Hotel
The Firebrand Hotel

After a day of wanderlust, retreat to The Firebrand Hotel’s rooftop patio for a breathtaking panorama of the majestic mountain peaks surrounding the area.

The rooftop patio becomes a haven of coziness and warmth around the inviting fireplace as the sun sets. The mesmerizing views and the soothing ambiance create the perfect setting to unwind and savor the beauty of the Montana landscape.

Whether you’re seeking a day filled with adventure or relaxation, The Firebrand Hotel serves as your chic and comfortable base, offering a seamless blend of modern sophistication and the authentic spirit of Whitefish’s downtown charm.

2. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort beckons as a serene sanctuary where relaxation and rejuvenation intertwine harmoniously with the beauty of nature. Natural hot springs at the resort, surrounded by beautiful scenery, beckon you to relax in their mineral-rich waters.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

As you bask in the warmth of the hot springs, surrounded by the grandeur of mountains and lush greenery, the world’s cares seem to melt away, and a profound sense of tranquility takes over. The resort offers various spa services intended to delight and revive your senses in addition to the healing hot springs.

Expert therapists cater to your every need, offering massages, facials, and body treatments that leave you feeling pampered and renewed. From stress relief to skin rejuvenation, each therapy is thoughtfully curated to enhance overall well-being and inner balance.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort presents a haven where you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and emerge with a renewed sense of harmony and bliss.

1. Wood’s Lodge

Immerse yourself in a wildlife lover’s paradise at this dream destination, nestled just south of a charming little town and conveniently situated near the entrance to Glacier National Park. The luxurious log cabin accommodations offer marvelous mountain views, and you’re in for a treat as you’re likely to spot wild turkeys, majestic eagles, and, if you’re fortunate, even graceful moose and majestic elk right outside your cabin door!

The surrounding natural beauty and abundance of wildlife create an awe-inspiring experience that enchants you. Each suite is thoughtfully designed to provide the utmost comfort and luxury, featuring a jetted claw-foot tub and a king-sized bed, ensuring a restful stay.

Wood's Lodge
Wood’s Lodge

The serene garden setting with two fire pits invites you to unwind and connect with nature, creating the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. This idyllic retreat is a haven for adults seeking a romantic escape and a charming venue for weddings, allowing couples to exchange vows amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.

The allure of this destination extends to families as well, offering a plethora of activities that will thrill both kids and adults alike. From exhilarating waterskiing to adventurous kayaking and skiing, there are endless opportunities for fun and exploration in the surrounding area.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a memorable wedding venue, or a delightful family vacation, this enchanting location promises an unforgettable experience where you can create cherished memories with your loved ones.


In conclusion, Montana’s top resorts are not just places to stay but gateways to unforgettable experiences. Each resort offers a unique blend of luxury, adventure, and serenity, fulfilling every guest’s desires. These resorts have it all, whether you’re seeking romance, excitement, or tranquility.


Is Montana a good destination for outdoor activities

Absolutely! Montana offers many outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, skiing, and more.

Are these resorts suitable for families with children

Yes, many of these resorts are family-friendly and provide various activities for children.

What season is ideal for visiting Montana?

The best time to visit Montana is during the summer and fall months when the weather is pleasant and outdoor activities are abundant.

Do I need to be an experienced skier to visit Yellowstone Club

Absolutely! The Yellowstone Club is an inclusive and welcoming destination that caters to skiers of all levels, including beginners.

Are these resorts pet-friendly

Some alternatives may happily accommodate pets, providing a warm welcome for furry friends to join the vacation. For a smooth and enjoyable experience, it’s always best to check with the specific resort beforehand to ensure everything aligns perfectly with your travel plans.

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