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7 Best Haunted Hotels in California 2024


California, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant cities, and picturesque landscapes, is also home to a darker side of tourism—the haunted hotels. These establishments not only offer a place to rest but also serve as gateways to a world of paranormal encounters and spine-chilling experiences. In this article, we will delve into the eerie world of haunted hotels in California and uncover the ghostly tales that surround them. So, brace yourself for a thrilling journey through some of the most haunted accommodations the Golden State has to offer.

Exploring the Paranormal Side of Hospitality

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Haunted Hotels in California

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, located in Los Angeles, holds a prominent place in the history of haunted hotels. This historic hotel, built in 1927, has seen its fair share of ghostly activity. Numerous tourists and employees have claimed seeing ghostly apparitions and inexplicable events. One of the most famous hauntings is that of Marilyn Monroe, who is said to make occasional appearances in her former suite, Room 1200. The Ghostly Secrets of the Queen Mary

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Docked in Long Beach, the Queen Mary ocean liner is not only a luxurious hotel but also a paranormal hotspot. With a history dating back to the 1930s, the ship has seen its fair share of tragedies, which some believe contribute to its haunted reputation.

The Enigmatic Winchester Mystery House

Enigmatic Winchester Mystery House
Enigmatic Winchester Mystery House

Nestled in San Jose, the Winchester Mystery House is a peculiar architectural marvel and a magnet for ghost enthusiasts. The home was constructed by Sarah Winchester, the late William Wirt Winchester’s wife, and is renowned for its intricate layout and reported paranormal activity.

The Hotel Del Coronado’s Haunted Past

Enigmatic Winchester Mystery House
Enigmatic Winchester Mystery House

Overlooking the picturesque shores of Coronado Island near San Diego, the Hotel Del Coronado exudes elegance and charm. However, beneath its grand façade lies a history intertwined with eerie tales of ghostly encounters. Kate Morgan, a young woman who checked into the hotel in 1892 and sadly died there, is the most renowned ghostly tenant. Guests have reported strange occurrences, such as flickering lights and unexplained footsteps, especially in Kate Morgan’s former room.

The Mysterious Horton Grand Hotel

The Mysterious Horton Grand Hotel
The Mysterious Horton Grand Hotel

Nestled in the heart of San Diego’s Gas lamp Quarter, the Horton Grand Hotel boasts a rich history and a reputation for paranormal activity. With its Victorian-era charm and elegant architecture, the hotel sets the stage for encounters with the unknown. Guests have shared stories of shadowy figures, phantom children playing in the hallways, and unexplained noises echoing through the night.

The Ghosts of the Brookdale Lodge

Ghosts of the Brookdale Lodge
Ghosts of the Brookdale Lodge

Nestled among the majestic redwoods of Santa Cruz, the Brookdale Lodge carries an eerie ambiance that attracts both thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts. Dating back to the early 1900s, this lodge has a dark history that includes drownings and unexplained deaths. Visitors have reported sightings of ghostly figures, ghostly laughter, and unexplained water splashes in the infamous Brook Room.

The Haunted Legacy of the Cary House Hotel

Legacy of the Cary House Hotel
The Ghosts of the Brookdale Lodge

Located in the heart of Placerville, the Cary House Hotel is known for its charming Victorian architecture and its reputation as a haunted hotspot. Guests have reported encounters with the ghost of a woman in a white Victorian dress, believed to be a former resident of the hotel. Other eerie phenomena include flickering lights, objects moving on their own, and a lingering feeling of being watched.


California’s haunted hotels offer a captivating blend of history and the supernatural, attracting both thrill-seekers and those fascinated by the unknown. These eerie establishments have witnessed unexplained phenomena and ghostly encounters that continue to intrigue and perplex visitors. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the stories and experiences shared within the walls of these haunted hotels are undeniably chilling.
Unlock the door to the supernatural realm and immerse yourself in the mystery and allure of California’s haunted hotels. If you dare to experience the inexplicable and step into the realm of the unknown, these spectral accommodations await your arrival.


Are these haunted hotels open to the public?

Yes, these haunted hotels are open to the public and welcome guests who seek a spine-tingling experience.

Are there guided ghost tours available at these hotels?

Some of these haunted hotels offer guided ghost tours, allowing visitors to explore the eerie history and paranormal legends surrounding the property.

Have any paranormal investigations been conducted at these hotels?

Yes, several paranormal investigations have taken place at these haunted hotels, utilizing various techniques and equipment to capture evidence of supernatural activity.

Can I book a specific haunted room at these hotels?

Yes, some of these haunted hotels offer guests the opportunity to stay in specific rooms with a haunted reputation. However, availability may vary.

Are there any age restrictions for staying at these haunted hotels?

Age restrictions may vary depending on the hotel’s policies. It is recommended to check with the hotel before making a reservation, especially if you plan to bring children along

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